First class publishing services with editorial support

Our unrivalled knowledge and experience of successfully launching and developing journals means that we deliver a first-class publishing service. We collaborate closely with editors to ensure that journals are running smoothly whilst, beyond the day-to-day operations, we work strategically with the overarching objective to help each publication realize its potential in the shortest possible time.

In brief, our services include:

  • A state-of-the-art publishing platform

    We focus on providing an excellent experience to all journal readers, authors and editors through our innovative websites. Our cutting edge publishing platform is specifically designed for open access journals and provides an end-to-end publishing system:

    • User friendly submission system
    • Easy to use tools for editors to manage peer review and rapid publication
    • Customizable journal websites to suit your needs
  • Strategic support for journal development

    We assign a dedicated Journal Development Editor to act as the publisher’s primary point of contact for the editors, society executives, and other key stakeholders. The Journal Development Editor will work closely with you to understand, support and develop the aims of the journal, as well as the aims of any society or other partner organization.

    The Journal Development Editors are subject specialists with up-to date knowledge of publishing practice, the subject area of the journal and of competitor journals. This enables them to provide excellent strategic support. They will recommend and oversee the execution of strategies to help the journal stand out from the competition and capitalize on new opportunities.

  • Comprehensive editorial support

    The quality of content published underpins the success of a journal and we are committed to helping you to ensure editorial excellence as the journal grows. BioMed Central provides Journal Editorial Office services for administrative support such as management of the peer-review process and manuscript processing.

  • High impact marketing

    BioMed Central's team of experienced marketing professionals work closely with editorial colleagues within specialty areas and have a full understanding of specific market requirements. Marketing staff work with you to expand your journal’s’ author and reader base, and raise the visibility of our publishing partners. We employ the full marketing mix including targeted email campaigns, exhibitions at relevant scientific conferences, and the production of a range of dedicated promotional materials.

  • Media relations support

    Highlighting articles to the global media is an effective method to raise the visibility of the journal and increase article usage and citations. BioMed Central has a dedicated communications team that secures coverage of newsworthy research articles in the press, as well as in specialist scientific publications. The press office highlights newsworthy research to the media resulting in coverage in thousands of outlets around the world, including dedicated science focused media.

  • A fast and quality production service

    Recognizing the importance of rapid dissemination of research, our journals are published on a continuous publication model, with a PDF of the author version of the accepted article first published within 10 working days of acceptance and then replaced by the final version of formatted full-text within 15 days.

    BioMed Central aims to ensure an excellent service to authors throughout the publication process and to minimize the time a manuscript spends in production.

  • Customer satisfaction

    BioMed Central has a well-trained and resourced customer service team able to offer comprehensive customer, author, editor and reviewer support to our entire network of website users. The customer service team responds to all queries within 24 hours and are available 7 days a week. In 2012 the team’s average response time was under 17 hours and a 92% customer satisfaction score achieved.

  • Expanding the impact and influence of our publishing partners

    We help you to achieve your goals. We are committed to understanding your unique needs and developing a strong and mutually beneficial partnership.

    Partnering with BioMed Central will provide global exposure not just for your journal and its content, but also for your organization through prominent inclusion of society branding. With our experience and expertise we will help you deliver on opportunities that drive progress in the field and engage and build your membership.

    From the various options we considered it was clear that BioMed Central offers the most professional support. Their staff have always been very helpful and supportive, and we continue to benefit from their professional support.

    Diethard Tautz, Editor-in-Chief of Frontiers in Zoology

BioMed Central abides by and endorses the UKSG Transfer Code of Practice, which outlines best practice guidelines for publishers to ensure the transfer process occurs with minimum disruption. We can ensure the seamless transition of existing journals so that existing coverage by indexing and bibliometric services such as Thomson Reuters (ISI), Medline, or Scopus is not affected.

BioMed Central is a member of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) , a UK charity concerned with the integrity of peer-reviewed publications in science, particularly biomedicine.

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