Maximum visibility and global impact

BioMed Central's open access publishing ensures the widest possible availability of research from the moment articles are published. This global availability supports our objective to increase citations and Impact Factors.

  • Articles freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication
  • The broadest dissemination of articles by removing all barriers to access
  • Content immediately shared with over 70 databases, content providers and abstracting and indexing services worldwide
  • Worldwide exposure through working with a major publisher with a global presence
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Full marketing support

BioMed Central's knowledgeable marketing teams get your journal's content in front of the right people. Targeted marketing campaigns reach the right audience for your journal across a host of evolving media:

Annual growth of submissions to journals published by BioMed Central
  • Individually tailored marketing plans for your journal.
  • Each journal website is search engine optimized to drive quality traffic from Google and Google Scholar
  • High impact email campaigns to support your journal’s objectives
  • Social media presence across blogs and all popular networks from Twitter to Reddit
  • Promotion through a global conference program

Over 10 million articles are downloaded from BioMed Central websites every month. Articles are also available through SpringerLink, Springer’s platform for books and journals with over 35,000 libraries represented, and through PubMed Central and various other open access and institutional repositories.

Comprehensive inclusion in Abstracting & Indexing services

We understand the importance of getting your journal into both broad-interest and subject-specific, abstracting and indexing services in order to drive usage and build citations.

We work closely with all the key indexing organizations, including MEDLINE and Thomson Reuters (ISI), to ensure that journals are quickly covered.

For existing journals that transfer to BioMed Central, existing abstracting and indexing continues uninterrupted. For new journals that launch with BioMed Central and fall into the scope of PubMed Central inclusion in PubMed Central and coverage by PubMed typically commences a few months after launch.

Increase your journal's impact

Global visibility of your journal's content is vital in driving submissions from top authors as well as keeping usage and citations high. Society publishing partners who now work with BioMed Central have seen the global impact of their journals dramatically increase as a result of partnering with us.

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