Shared Support Membership

For those institutions that want to provide more support to their researchers, yet keep expenditures within manageable bounds, we offer our newest type of Membership: Shared Support. This Membership is based on a deposit of funds that cover fifty percent of the article-processing charges for articles submitted and accepted from your researchers. The other fifty percent is covered by the authors and their grants. Shared Support Membership has been created in response to extensive communications with the library community and offers a manageable, cost-effective option for both the institution and author.

What are the benefits of Shared Support Membership?

  • There is no joining fee - all monies are used towards the cost of open access publications and credit is carried over until it is spent.
  • The higher the amount paid in advance, the greater the loyalty discount given on each APC.
  • Members decide how much they pay upfront depending on their budget - the bigger the upfront payment, the greater the loyalty discount provided on each APC.
  • Authors are automatically recognized as a Shared Support Member and can handle their payments independently by either paying online or requesting an invoice.
  • Automated Article-Deposits into your repository - any article published will be automatically deposited into the Shared Support Member's institutional repository. This new Membership feature will provide greater efficiency for both authors and repository administrators.
  • Members have a customized web page on BioMed Central, which will act as a permanent showcase for the institution. This page features titles and links to relevant articles generated by the Member institution and published in our open access

Join us

For further information about Shared Support Membership and all other Membership options please contact us or speak to your Sales Representative.

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