Automated Article-Deposit

With repositories now rapidly gaining pace, many organizations find populating their repositories a challenge, particularly as researchers are required to duplicate efforts to upload files into a repository.

Together with SpringerOpen, BioMed Central can reduce this burden by automatically populating repositories via the SWORD (Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit) protocol. This transfers complete article content (including PDFs, additional files and article metadata) from one repository to another. Please contact your Sales Representative for more information.

Benefits of Automated Article-Deposit

  • Time-saving: Automated deposit into the repository requires less time and effort from both authors and repository administrators.
  • Policy/mandate compliance: The service enables automatic compliance with the increasing number of open access deposit and self-archiving mandates from institutions and funding bodies.
  • Repository population: Adding content to a repository can be a major challenge for institutions. Automated Article-Deposit makes repository population easy and ongoing.

Automated Article-Deposit feeds are offered as standard, at no additional charge to BioMed Central Members and Open Repository Enhanced customers. They are also available as a separately chargeable service to non-Members. Contact the Institutional Sales team or refer to our Automated Article-Deposit FAQ for more information.

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