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  • Diet versus exercise

    Results from the SHAPE-2 trial show the importance of physical activity as a positive intervention to decrease breast cancer risk.

    Breast Cancer Research 2015, 17:120
  • Towards personalised radiation therapy

    Part of a series on bioinformatics and systems biology in radiation oncology, this review looks at the promise of next-generation sequencing for developing personalised cancer treatment strategies.

    Radiation Oncology 2015, 10:183
  • Software to speed up breast cancer diagnosis

    Automated classification of breast lesions from confocal images is a step towards breast cancer diagnosis from fresh tissue samples at the point of care.

    Breast Cancer Research 2015, 17:105
  • Image attributed to: CC Blake Danger Bentley flickr

    Alcohol and breast cancer risk

    A study of 25–35-year-old women finds a link between alcohol consumption and increased mammographic density and estrogen levels.

    Breast Cancer Research 2015, 17:103
  • Metastasis or second primary?

    Whole genome sequencing was used to differentiate metastatic from second primary tumors in contralateral breast cancer patients: a distinction with clinical implications for treatment and prognosis.

    Breast Cancer Research 2015, 17:102
  • BRCA1/2 in prostate, pancreatic and stomach cancers

    The involvement of BRCA1 and BRCA2 in breast and ovarian cancers is widely recognised; Helen Cavanagh and Katherine Rogers review the evidence for the role of BRCA1/2 in other cancer types.

    Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice 2015, 13:16
  • A most special breast cancer subtype?

    Ulrich Lehmann introduces a special series on lobular breast cancer.

    Breast Cancer Research 2015, 17:99
  • Targeted therapies for lung cancer

    As part of a special article series, Fei Zhou and Cai-Cun Zhou review new treatments for patients with ​non-small cell lung cancer.

    Chinese Journal of Cancer 2015, 34:31


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