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  • lncRNA analysis across mammals

    An analysis of lncRNAs across mammals indicates these RNAs are a mixture of multiple functional classes with distinct biological roles

    Genome Biology 2016, 17:19
  • Cancer super-enhancer methylation

    Whole genome bisulfite sequencing in human cancers shows specific aberrant DNA methylation patterns at super-enhancers

    Genome Biology 2016, 17:11
  • RNA-seq analysis methods

    A comprehensive review of RNA-seq data analysis from experimental design, through read mapping and quantification, to visualization and functional analysis

    Genome Biology 2016, 17:13
  • Image attributed to: Apple waist_from iStockPhoto

    Microbiome points towards personalized diets

    Marc Dumas discusses a recent research that used a computational model combining gut microbiome profiles and dietary information to predict blood glucose levels after a meal and suggests we might need bespoke diets.

    Genome Medicine 2016, 8:7
  • Predicting pathogenic mutations

    This article describes an approach to indicate intolerant regions in functionally distinct portions of genes: exons and protein domains

    Genome Biology 2016, 17:9

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