How to support open access

Developments continue to take place within the scientific arena and open access publishing has moved firmly into the mainstream. The following web pages have been created to provide institutions with information on the very latest open access policies and mandates created by institutions and funders from around the world and how BioMed Central can help you support open access.

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How BioMed Central can help

BioMed Central works closely with librarians, institutions and funding agencies to establish affordable means through which an institution can support open access.

Central funds

Funders and institutions are embracing the idea of open access funds as counterparts to library budgets, funding policies and open access initiatives. By adopting a central fund, an institution is able to reduce the barriers for their researchers wishing to publish in an open access journal.

Funder and Institutional open access policies

To assist potential authors, BioMed Central has collated information on all funders and institutions from around the world who have an open access policy. This may for example include the allocation of funds for article-processing charges or for articles funded to be placed in an institutional repository.

To see if your institution or funder has a policy or to learn more on those that do visit:

Open access links

Funders all over the world have adopted open access policies and mandates to ensure the widespread dissemination of their authors research.

BioMed Central have created a page listing all major funders and their open access policies to help keep authors and their institutions informed. The following links are a useful resource in keeping up-to-date with the very latest news from around the world on open access.

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