Overview of journals published by BioMed Central

BioMed Central publishes 292 open access journals which between them cover all areas of biology and medicine. The journals are peer reviewed, broadly indexed, and use the funder-compliant Creative Commons Attribution license for their articles. Within this common framework, the journals differ with regard to their selectivity and specialisation, ranging from titles such as Genome Biology and Cell Communication & Signalling to Trials and Critical Care.

The more than 60 subject-specific journals in the BMC series are inclusive, focused on the needs of individual research communities and committed to publishing all sound science provided that a new work provides some advance in knowledge. The BMC series also includes BMC Medicine and BMC Biology which are highly selective, publishing work of special importance and broad interest.

BioMed Central is committed to helping authors find the right home for their research. As a service we therefore support manuscript transfers, allowing authors to transfer their manuscript file and reviewer comments to an alternative journal within the portfolio, or in some cases beyond.

Many of the titles we publish are society journals or journals that are owned by governmental agencies, as for example Journal of Biomedical Science. An increasing number of the titles in BioMed Central’s portfolio are journals that transferred to us and converted from the subscription model to open access.

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