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"The service you are providing to the scientific community is tremendous, especially for those institutions not able to afford the expenses of other subscriptions."

Myra Gari, Department of Anatomy, Embryology & Histology, University of Transkei, South Africa

"I wish you success in all the tasks that lie ahead of you for uplifting science at a global level."

Professor & Chairman, Department of Botany, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Breast Cancer Research

"I like Breast Cancer Research's fresh style. The bold opinions frequently provoke novel routes of thought"

Mitch Dowsett, Royal Marsden, London, UK

"I am impressed with what you have done with this resource. Best of luck with this endeavor, I will definitely be using it in the future."

Dr David Askew, University of Cincinnati, USA

"BioMed Central seems like a good, sensible idea. I hope it prospers. Good Luck"

A. Ahmed, UCL, London, UK

"...Your work is fabulous and should lay the groundwork for the future of scientific publication. Congratulations."

Dr. André S. Barreto, CTTMar-UNIVALI, Itajai, Brazil

"The idea of BioMed Central is great! [...] I admire the effort and I think that's going to be the future."

Dieter A. Wolf, Department of Cancer Cell Biology, Harvard School of Public Health, USA

"It is with great pleasure that I see BioMed Central offering authors the right to retain copyright of their work [...] A good cause needs all the support it can get and you can count on me to provide all the support I can provide."

Professor Jean-Claude Guédon, Université de Montréal, Canada

"This is an excellent idea that will combine availability and promptness"

Dr Kim Lawson, Biomedical Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

"I have visited the site and find it to be an excellent avenue for research publication"

Firmino F Rubaltelli, Division of Neonatology - Careggi University Hospital, University of Florence School of Medicine, Firenze, Italy

"I appreciate many of the details of BMC, including signed reviews and availability of each article's pre-publication history. 'Openness', in general, and in particular as here implemented, will conduce towards attaining, and sustaining, a high level of responsible scientific discourse."

Dr Arthur Margolin, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven Connecticut, USA

"I would like to congratulate the excellent interface developed by your group and hope that this is indeed the way of the future."

Dr Jonas S Almeida, Department Biometry & Epidemiology, Medical Univ South Carolina, Charleston, USA

"I will certainly consider submitting one of our next papers to BMC. I am very impressed by the prepublication history added to one of the papers I looked at. This openness is impressive and - as I feel - is very important in science. This is the right way to disseminate scientific results."

Bernhard Lämmle, Hämatologisches Zentrallabor, Inselspital, Bern, Switzerland

"The traditional forms of publishing in biomedicine leave much to be desired especially delays in manuscript processing, publication bias and restricted access in expensive and often arcane print publications. BioMed Central is a bold venture to solve these problems"

Professor Brian Haynes, McMaster University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

"BioMed Central promises to deliver all primary research without financial and copyright barriers and deserves all our support. Free access to research and the right to distribute work among colleagues and other contacts will allow scientists the freedom to participate in a truly worldwide community of scholars."

Professor Marc W Kirschner, Head of the Department of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School

"I discovered your site only today, even though I already heard/read about your service. The idea is great, and I think it is THE only way scientific literature should be communicated nowadays. Probably the days of the traditional are counted..."

Karin Hemmer, CRP-Santé Luxembourg, Luxembourg

"Congratulations for the initiative to establish a virtual journal on evolutionary biology on BMC. I certainly approve of this initiative and want to promote it as much as possible. I am convinced hat this kind of solution is indispensable for the maintenance of a true international science. Access to journals is very, very, difficult from third world countries, but creativity and new ideas are certainly not restricted to rich countries and rich people, as history has shown. Thus BMC seems to be a solution, which might revolutionize the form international cooperation and communication is achieved in science, providing a boost to its quality (and may be quantity), which might turn out to be historical."

Klaus Jaffe, Universidad Simòn Bolívar Caracas, Venezuela

"BioMed central and other online initiatives will serve to make more democratic, and more efficient, and in doing so will speed scientific progress."

Steven Hyman, National Institute of Mental Health

"BioMed Central will be the most significant development for disseminating the results of biomedical research in our lifetime."

Sir Paul Nurse, Director General, Imperial Cancer Research Fund

"Congratulations for this revolutionary action in publishing biomedical research"

Dr. Luis Schang, Department of Biochemistry, The University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

"I have just discovered your electronic journal. Excellent! If I ever have data that is relevant to the topics of your publication, I will certainly consider your journals"

Dr. Luis Schang, Department of Biochemistry, The University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

"Traditional models of publishing are changing fast, and research libraries should welcome BioMed Central's efforts to tackle the academic, financial and technological challenges in forging new modes of scholarly discourse"

Paul Ayris, Chair of the Scholarly Communications Task Force, Consortium of University Research Libraries (CURL)

"I personally want to applaud your efforts to provide free access to authoritative content. It is getting so expensive for a small private liberal arts college (that's us) to provide the resources our students need AND expect"

Kathy Thostenson, User Services Librarian, Beloit College Library, Beloit

"BioMed Central's model will enable the global scientific community to become far more inclusive to the advantage of all of us. The Internet is the preferred means of access in poorer countries where scientists and students struggle to see primary papers. Their organisations also tend to be net consumers of information rather than net producers, so, they should see significant benefits both scientifically and financially."

"I have felt more optimistic about the future of scientific publishing since attending your recent seminar in Norwich than I have done since I started to work in this field. The current situation is too restrictive for researchers and financially untenable for librarians. Consequently, I have been actively 'selling'; the BioMed Central publishing concept "

Rebecca R. Walton, Information Services Manager & Chief Librarian, Institute of Food Research, Norwich, UK

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