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An increasing number of journals are being archived on the Internet. The development of common search standards to sift through this wealth of academic information will be crucial to making it both accessible and fully searchable for the academic community.

The Open Archives Initiative (OAI) Metadata Harvesting Protocol is a set of uniform standards which allow "metadata" on archive holdings (i.e. a description of the information within the archive, e.g. title, authors and abstract of a research article) to be automatically shared between archives.

BioMed Central fully supports the OAI Metadata Harvesting Protocol. Metadata for all the articles we publish is available via our OAI interface. This data is already harvested and used by Citebase, myOAI, NASA Technical Reports and other services. Additionally, thanks to BioMed Central's open access policy, repositories may also use our OAI interface to obtain the full text XML of any open access research article published by BioMed Central.

Technical Information (for developers)

BioMed Central supports OAI protocol version 2.0.

The base URL for BioMed Central's OAI interface is:

Metadata formats

Metadata for all articles is available in Dublin Core format, and also in BioMed Central's own XML article metadata format.

In addition, all research articles published by BioMed Central are covered by our open access policy, and the full text XML of these articles is available as another 'metadata format'.


Each journal published by BioMed Central for all articles is defined as a 'Set' within the BioMed Central OAI interface.

In addition, research articles and non-research articles are defined as 'Sets', to make it easy to harvest the full text XML of all research articles.

Further information

General information can be found at the Open Archives Initiative website.

Please address any specific queries about use of the BMC OAI repository interface to

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